We occupy a modern organic lab on the fourth floor of Dalhousie's Chemistry Building, equipped with twenty feet of fumehood space. We also have a large amount of bench space for storage, and an adjoining student office.

We also have a lab on the second floor of the chemistry building which contains a glove box where we work up air sensitive reactions, and conduct screening experiments under an inert atmosphere. Nitrogen is provided from the frosty dewar.
Chemistry can be pretty! This is a highly conjugated (and
fluorescent) ligand employed in some of our early work.
Our glovebox lets us conveniently set up oxygen and moisture free experiments in parallel.
This is a photo from early on in our program. It is much more jam-packed nowadays.
We employ Schlenk technique to prepare and isolate reactive main group complexes. Here Matt is preparing a highly reactive
phosphine based compound.